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Why book a photobooth for a Wedding?

You'll get an additional set of wedding photos.

Your guests love to pose at the photobooth, but these snaps are tons of fun for the couple to look through after the wedding, too. Think of it as a way to see what friends were up to when you weren't around. Your professional photos will be great for framing and hanging in your home but flipping through an album filled with photobooth snaps is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for years to come.

You can also download the photos to save so that you have them forever, or upload them to a gallery for everyone to see.

It's a great option for those who don't fancy dancing.

You already have a DJ or band for your wedding, which takes care of the dance floor, but what about those who aren’t keen on dancing? A photobooth is fun for guests of all ages, and it'll give your guests something to do when they need a break from the dance floor. Plus, photobooths can be a great ice-breaker for guests who haven't seen each other in a while or who don't know a lot of people at your wedding. Think of it as a good place for your loved ones to bond.

Make your wedding more social.

Photobooths these days are anything but boring! Why settle for just printed photos when you can share them instantly. Our photobooths let guests share the their photos digitally too.

After each photobooth session your wedding guests can easily share their images or videos by email, bluetooth or QR code. 

Personalised images of your wedding day

Every wedding is personal and should be a memorable experience. So why shouldn't your photos be personalised too? We do that for you too!

Whether you're guests have printed photos or animated GIFs we will personalise them to create a lasting memory of your special day. Tell us your theme and we'll produce something to match it. 

Having your images personalised is always a great reminder for your guests when your anniversary is too!

Wedding photobooths bring on the fun.

Weddings are very structured events, with everything on a timeline. Allowing guests a chance to relax makes the event that much more enjoyable and a photobooth does exactly that! They can use silly props to make the photos that much more interesting, and make incredible memories with friends new and old! They’ll get a chance to let loose after all the formalities are done and really have a great time at your wedding.

And you get to keep all those fun moments as lasting memories, as photos and animated GIFs.

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